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Builderall Review

What is Builderall?

Builderall Review:
Builderall is a robust and the most comprehensive digital marketing platform that will help you in creating or expanding your business online. No matter at what stage your business is, or how much large or small size it is of, Builderall is just made for you and it will grow your online business with some amazing tools. Builderall has proved from its features that it is the pioneer in the digital marketing industry in terms of the services it offers.
This Builderall review will explain in detail the Pricing plans, Builderall affiliate, and its features compared to its competitors, Clickfunnels, and Kartra.

Builderall Features

Features of Builderall are:

What someone can do with this Beast of Online Digital Marketing?
Builderall has a free trial that offers numerous features. From designing straightforward web pages to complex designs for eCommerce sites, Builderall has a bulk of tools to execute this.
Builderall 7 days free trial is available for the Digital Marketers. The Builderall free trial includes a lot of options like:
-Email Marketing
-Drag and drop web page builder
-Fast Page Loading
-Third-Party Integrations
-Business Community Platform
-Check Out Application
-Multi-tier Builderall Affiliate
-Professional Magazine Build up
-Android / IOS app building
-Countless Visitors
-Up to 15 domains can be attached
-The evergreen webinar provided ghost audience
-Video Tags
-Funnels of Auto tag with many more other features.

What is Builderall 3.0?

In simple words, Builderall 3.0 is a platform with a bulk number of Digital Marketing tools synced together under one roof.

Builderall 3.0 is a SAAS (software as a service) platform and it means that no one needs to download or install but simply register on Builderall to explore this multi-purpose platform and market your online presence.
Main Purpose behind Builderall 3.0:
Any online business needs a range of services on one platform to boost, from hosting, website designing, blogging to eCommerce, and many more. It was quite a time taking process to get all things from different platforms.
Builderall 3.0 has resolved this issue with the offering of all these services under one umbrella. It is proving to be one of the best platforms for Digital Marketers now with its customized functionalities.

Builderall Features:
Builderall 3.0 offers quite advanced features including:
The Pixel-Perfect Builder:
It is another form of drag and drops web page builder. It provides the facility to build different websites and landing pages without the addition of HTML coding.
Email Auto-Responder:
This amazing feature of Builderall 3.0 discussing in this Builderall review presents the comprehensive automated email responding service. The email list can be built using this tool and regular email campaigns can be sent to that established list. Email marketing must be utilized by any business for its business, it will not take much effort but one can’t even imagine the benefits of using it. So, if you are not using it, means you are losing out on making money.
Canvas Funnel Builder:
This advanced builder facilitates you in creating the sales funnel on your own. The best part is that it provides you the feature of simple drag and drop option of the related element on the under-process web page. This most awaited part of Builderall 3.0 offers the best functionality and make a humongous difference in the performance. Sales funnels can be visually designed by this tool and this is a big plus.
Drag and Drop:
One can drag the different site elements like website pages, checkouts, Up and down sales, email forms, and many more and drop on to the canvas. You are only left with the content, which you can add now.
Mobile App Creator:
One can build its own Android/IOS mobile app through this creator and submit it to the play store or Apple App Store. Mobile apps can be crafted from scratch and a pre-defined template can also be used to conform to the requirements of the customers from any industry like real estate, health, education, and sports.
Builderall Hosted Webinars:
One can use this sharp functionality of Builderall 3.0 by creating sales with the webinar application. A webinar can be created in just a few minutes with page builders, video tools, and email systems embedded in it.
There are also some professional options for webinar recording and screen sharing is available. Interactive webinar sessions can be created with it and which is the need of many online businesses especially in these times.
Builderall Digital Magazine Creator:
By using this tool, one can create a digital magazine by his own choice. This creator can be helpful in the news industry and can prove to be a perfect assistant for the readers to update to any latest news. Magazine rights can be incorporated into the website to help facilitate your readers.
Site Bot:
Messenger bot technology can be utilized on your website through Builderall Site Bot. This one of the best tools of Builderall can assist its users with website tracking and which ultimately leads to sales and which is the striking part of any Builderall review.
Now, I will explain in detail, how this works. A webpage can consist only of a site bot. This bot will ask questions from the visitor landing on that page and then direct the visitor to the right page of your website. In simple words, a customized experience can be presented to the customer based on his needs.
Like any Digital Marketing platform review, Builderall review has also an important part of pricing plans.

What are the Builderall Pricing Plans?

There are total 5 pricing plans of Builderall digital marketing software which includes:
-Builderall free trial plan in $0 per month
-Builderall Builder plan in $19.90 per month
-Builderall Marketer plan in $29.90 per month
-Builderall Essential plan in $49.90 per month
-Builderall Premium plan in $69.90 per month
As I mentioned at the start of this Builderall review that Builderall trial plans will also be discussed, so here is the in-depth detail of all pricing plans:

Builderall Pricing Plans

Free Builderall Trial

Free pricing plan serves the testing purpose for future potential customers. There are quite limitations because it is free but yet it is pretty much helpful for the people who just want to test first. One can not use its domain. The only subdomain of Buliderall can be used for testing purposes.
Some features of Free Builderall Trial are:
-Up to 3 websites
-Number of subscribers limited to 100
-Ticketing Support available
-Availability of 1 GB space

Builder Builderall Pricing Plan

Many key Builderall features like drag and drop website builder and automated email options are available in this Builderall plan.
Some Bullet points of Builder Builderall Plan are:
-3 domains
-Number of subscribers limited to 100
-Ticketing Support and live chat options are available
-Availability of 2 GB space

Marketer Builderall Pricing Plan

This Builderall pricing plan is perfect for the businesses that are in their early stages of business growth and the prominent point of this Builderall review.

This Builderall plan provides some basic options for kicking off the digital marketing campaigns.

All possible options of a standard sales funnel which one can think are included in the Marketer pricing plan.

Unlike one of the Builderall competitor Clickfunnels, countless membership websites, checkout software, and countless visitor’s accessibility options are offered in this pricing plan.
If the above-mentioned features are combined with the available CRM system, then one will have all the tools which top businesses use for managing their business.
Some features of Builder Builderall Plan are:
-5 domains
-Number of subscribers limited to 5000(Huge surge as compare to Free and Builder Plan)
-Ticketing Support and live chat options are available
-Availability of 5 GB space

Essential Builderall Pricing Plan
There is a huge changeover in the subscriber limit in the essential plan, Subscribers limit is 3 times of the Marketer plan. One of the sharpest features of Essential Builderall Trail amongst other features is the integration of the WordPress website in just 3 clicks.
Some Bullet points of Builder Builderall Trail are:
-10 domains
-Number of subscribers limited to 50000(3 times of Marketer Pricing Plan)
-Ticketing Support and live chat options are available
-Availability of 10 GB space

Premium Builderall Pricing Plan
The main feature which includes in the Premium pricing plan is unlimited subscribers. Professional email marketing with no limits can be executed for the growth of the business. If one wants to develop the webinar then this Builderall plan is the best to pick up among all as both standard and evergreen builders are available in this premium plan. Facebook and YouTube live streaming tools are also available in this plan.
Some features of Builder Builderall Plan are:
-15 domains
-Countless Number of subscribers
-Ticketing Support and live chat options are available
-Availability of 10 GB space
-Availability of Template Club
-List import

Builderall vs Clickfunnels

As I mentioned at the start of this Builderall Review that we will discuss in-depth the comparison of Builderall with its competitors, so here are some key differences between Builderall and Clickfunnels discussed below in detail:

Both provide a range of templates for creating web pages. Builderall provides all free templates and Clickfunnels provides a combination of both; free and premium templates.
Although Clickfunnels does not provide as many templates as Builderall does, available templates are completely optimized for getting a higher number of conversions.

Pricing Plans
Clickfunnels is costlier than Builderall. Its startup plan is worth $97 and the premium plan is $297.  In a basic package of $97, no email marketing and Affiliate management can be done. Up to 20 sales funnels, 20000 users per month, and 100 landing pages can be created under this Clickfunnels pricing plan, but if you have the budget then Clickfunnels can provide some exceptional features.Hence both these platforms are good, depending on how much you want to spend.
Customer Support
Customer support of Clickfunnels is not as good as that of the Builderall Digital Marketing Platform.

Web Page Builder Responsiveness
Builderall web page builder is less responsive than the click funnels. This is quite an important aspect when viewers use it from mobile phones and tablets instead of Desktops. One has to design three times the web page for desktop, mobile, and tablet for better results.
Clickfunnels is not only responsive but it adjusts its size automatically according to screen size, so there is no need to design separately for desktop, mobile, and tablet.

So after a close fight, Builderall beats Clickfunnels in our opinion.
Some Builderall Benefits:

-The main winning factor of Builderall from Clickfunnels is its low-price packages.
-MailingBoss can give some amazing results in email marketing.
-The online community of Builderall is pretty good, one can get access to Facebook private groups where new ideas can easily be found.
-Drag and drop user interface is quite simple and which is good for the beginners.
-It provides the feature of 30 days money-back guarantee. If one is not satisfied with the Builderall performance then money can be returned within 30 days.
Some Clickfunnels Benefits:
-Clickfunnels has one of the best affiliate programs in the Digital Marketing industry.
-One can share any funnels with others by using Clickfunnels to share funnel feature.
-A very large online community is available on Facebook with over 190k audience.
-Full and multi-step sales funnels can be created using Clickfunnels.
Extending the comparison of Builderall with other similar platforms as discussed at the start of this Builderall review, now we move towards the comparisons between Buiderall and Kartra.

Buiderall vs Kartra

In our opinion Builderall and Kartra, both are equally good when it comes to providing value for money.

Of course, Kartra is expensive as its plans start from $97.00 when compared to Builderall but there are certain similarities between the two.

Webinar Builder
From streaming to hosting, one can carry everything within the platform without any webinar integration. But in Kartra, integration to sister tools Webinarjam or Everwebinar is a must.
Affiliate Program
Kartra pays 40% recurring whereas Builderall pays 30%.
Marketing Automation
Both platforms have marketing automation
Pre-Built Templates
Both platforms provide pre-built and customized templates.
Visual Drag & Drop Editor
Both platforms have visual drag & drop visual editors.
-Facebook messenger chatbot is not available in Builderall but Kartra has it.
-eCommerce tool integration available in Builderall but not in Kartra.
-Browser notification facility is available in Builderall but not in Kartra.
-Presentation software and content share locking feature available in Builderall but not in Kartra.
-Video hosting, and helpdesk software available in Kartra but not in Builderall.

It is really hard to differentiate between the two since both have some amazing features, but again just because of the innumerable features, it offers at such a low price...Builderall sweeps it for us.

However you can choose any one of these you like from the links below :


We hope you found this Builderall Review helpful and we could make the choice easier for you.